Top four stainless steel casseroles to keep your food hot

FP Studio June 18, 2020 18:31:21 IST
Top four stainless steel casseroles to keep your food hot

Perfect for heavy duty cooking

You get three sets of stainless steel casserole in this pack. Made with 5 mm impact bonded heavy thermal base, the cookware helps heat to get evenly distributed across the surface and save energy. The depth of the cooking pots makes it easier to cook large portions of food. So if you need to do some heavy-duty cooking, these pots will serve you just fine. This gorgeous cookware works smoothly with induction tops. So, you don’t need to sweat it at all and let the pots do the work!

Beautiful outer design

Three casseroles made out of stainless steel come with a beautiful bright coloured covering, which is made up of premium grade plastic. The perfect gift item has one unit of 450 ml, another of 850 ml and the biggest casserole of 1240 ml to suit all the requirements. Now present fried rice, or chicken curry and even sweet items in these stylish casseroles. Give this set as a present to your loved ones on any happy event like housewarming or a wedding. The brand name is quite renowned in the kitchenware segment. The reliability is unparalleled and certainly what you need.

Enhance your serving experience

Made from premium quality plastic material, the casserole set has a break resistant knob. It comes with a glass lid and a safety hole on the lid. While the transparent lid helps in keeping the look of your food intact and makes sure the lid is antilock; the hole lets out the sweet aroma of the hot food. The chrome plated panel makes this set-of-three cookware look beautiful, thereby enhancing your serving experience. The casserole has top grade insulation that will keep your food hot and fresh for the longest time.

Large containers to store hot food items

This pack of three stainless steel casserole offer large sized containers – while the smallest is of 1400 ml capacity, the other two casseroles have a capacity of 2700 ml and 1900 ml. The casseroles come with a sturdy handle that makes it very convenient to carry the hot food items. These are perfectly compatible with any kind of food. The plastic lid has a compact locking system to keep the airtight lock. Transportation of hot food becomes easy with this casserole set!

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