Top Four High Quality Notebooks For All Your Writing Needs

FP Studio December 15, 2020 19:25:50 IST
Top Four High Quality Notebooks For All Your Writing Needs

Designed for hassle-free notes-taking
A hardcover notebook with 224 pages, this product is great for taking notes during a class - not only because of its smooth paper but also because of the way it opens seamlessly. The notebook is perfect for 1 subject with its single-lined high quality 70gsm pages that are 21cm by 14.8cm large. This notebook is a part of an entire series with various cover page designs which you can assign for each of your subjects. Buy this notebook with elemental chlorine-free paper if you are looking for something stylish.

Unruled pages for a variety of uses
This notebook which is 24cm by 18cm in size comes with a soft cover which makes the book lightweight and easier to carry to school or college. It’s spiral-bound, which means it folds backwards as well, occupying less space on the desk for comfortable writing and taking notes during lectures. The notebook, which has 180 high quality pages, has been made with elemental chlorine-free paper. Also, this notebook has unruled pages, which makes it perfect for multiple uses - taking notes, making diagrams, geometric designs or even some fun doodling. Get this product if you are looking for something with multiple uses.

Bright and smooth pages for everyday lectures
Soft covered and lightweight, this notebook is the perfect option for taking to class. It is A4 in size which means you can fit more notes in one single page. Its pages have been made from superior quality paper and pulp, and are much whiter, brighter and smoother than usual - something that can make even the most boring notes fun to take and read later. The notebook is crafted impeccably and in just one look you will understand how every page is perfectly aligned. It is available in 3 different page counts - 200, 300 and 400 so you can buy according to the volume of your notes. Its cover is bound well to ensure no pages fall out, have a wrapper lamination for increased durability and also contains activities and trivia for some in-between lecture fun. Buy this notebook for its superior quality pages.

Single-ruled notebook with activity pages
Made with international quality paper that comes with a 60 gsm thickness, this notebook is quite suitable for everyday use during college or school classes. It has a soft cover that is held together by spiral binding. This single-ruled notebook is a part of a 6 series of books that come with optical-illusion style cover designs - cubes, pyramid, seamless, standout, focus and spiral. The notebook has 300 pages in total which have been segregated into separate sections with the help of multi-colour separators to take notes for 6 different subjects. You should buy this notebook not only for organised note-taking but also for the extra pages that have activities you can engage in when you are bored.

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