Top Four Electric Beauty Steamers That Are Perfect For Your Daily Care Regime

FP Studio November 24, 2020 09:22:06 IST
Top Four Electric Beauty Steamers That Are Perfect For Your Daily Care Regime

3 in 1 steam vaporiser

This steam vaporiser is a multi-functional product which is suitable for both personal and therapeutic use. It is cost-effective while ensuring that there is no compromise on functionality and style. This product provides relief from cough, cold, headaches, Sinusitis & Bronchitis. However, you must consult a physician in case you feel the need to rely on the vaporiser for a long time. It comes with some added attachments - a facial mask & a nose mask. The product is also completely safe from shocks and it has a 100% plastic body. If you are looking for an affordable, safe & effective steamer - look no further.

Perfect for beauty treatments

This vaporiser with a facial sauna focuses primarily on providing a complete set of solutions for your skin and face. It keeps your skin fresh and clean which in turn curbs the growth of acne and helps control its spread. It also prevents the increase of black & whiteheads while keeping the skin rejuvenated. At the same time, this product is also suitable for combating respiratory ailments - although it is recommended that a decongestant capsule or oil should also be used with the vaporiser to get the maximum out of it. If you’re looking for something that takes care of your skin as well respiratory ailments this product is great to have handy!

One product, many uses

Right from providing comfort from sore throat and blocked nose, to curing acne and ensuing a supple skin, this product comes with a lot of uses. But, while maintaining the usual health and beauty benefits, this vaporises operates as a Humidifier as well as a mobile Hair Spa! It comes with 3 attachments along with a guide on how to use them. Given that it’s not exorbitant in terms of cost, and provides additional functionality, this product gives a good value for money. Get this product if you’re looking for something to help with your beauty regimen.

Multi-layer Steam Inhaler

This product is slightly on the higher side in terms of cost - but it is definitely worth the money! The steam inhaler provides health and medicinal benefits like rejuvenating and moisturising the skin while removing spots, blackheads and unclogging pores. But what’s more, is the fact that there are a few notable features of this product which differentiate it from the others. It allows the user to select temperature with a two-level heat setting and ensures controlled steam for a long time. It has a separate fragrance box and it comes with a measuring cup along with the standard attachments [facial and nose inhalers]. Get this product if you’re looking for something that lets you control heat and steam as per your preference.

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