Top Four Crafting Supplies To Take You Through your free time

FP Studio December 18, 2020 04:18:06 IST
Top Four Crafting Supplies To Take You Through your free time

Brush pens for ease-of-use
Even if you’re someone who loves painting and water colours, you tend to avoid it altogether because clearing the desk and putting brushes, colours, palette and the water container away is a hassle in itself. Brush pens are a perfect substitute for this situation, as not only are they convenient to hold [like a pen] but also deliver similar results. This pack contains pens in 12 different shades and have a flexible brush tip which glides on to the surface according to you. These are also great for calligraphy use and are an interesting gift for kids as well as adults. Buy this product for its convenient usage.

DIY Arts and Craft Kit
Instead of having to shop for each craft piece or supply separately, this do yourself it packs it all in together. The package includes many fun and interesting things like glitter glue, double coloured paper string, foam flowers, paper balls, neon paper washi tapes, gem-like stickers in the shape of stars and hearts,pearl stickers, jute ribbons etc. With inspiration from the internet or creativity of the minds, this craft kit is perfect for school projects, or gifting during the holiday season for kids as well as adults. Get this product if you want to spend your free time creatively with DI supplies.

Holographic card sheets in assorted colours
This pack of holographic card sheets contains 10 different A4 sized sheets. Not only do they come in assorted colours but also in interesting designs and sparkling glitter. While one side of the sheet has a design, the other side is white - which makes them suitable for making greeting cards as well. Otherwise, you can always use these high quality thick card sheets for scrapbooking, gift box decor, and other art projects for diwali, christmas and birthdays.

DIY colorful candle-making kit
While this requires adult supervision, candle-making is an interesting project for kids and this pack makes it convenient by providing all the ingredients in one package. This back is beach -themed and contains glass tumblers to hold the candles in, coloured sand, seashells, gel wax, candle wicks and an instruction manual. Once ready, these glass candles embedded with seashells look pretty when displayed on the shelf and are great for gifting to your loved ones too. Buy this product if you are looking for something that passes time in a fun, yet knowledgeable way.

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