Top Four Coffee Makers For Every Kind of Coffee Lover

FP Studio December 15, 2020 11:04:37 IST
Top Four Coffee Makers For Every Kind of Coffee Lover

Makes coffee that’ll remind you of a cafe
This machine is designed to make your life in the kitchen easier and brew a cup of coffee that will keep you going. The machine makes your favourite coffee - cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato etc. with the different settings on it. It also has a milk frothing nozzle which helps achieve a cafe-style cup of coffee. What’s more is that the coffee maker also has a strength selector which lets you adjust how strong you’d like your favourite cuppa. With the heat resistant carafe and a removable drip tray, making coffee and cleaning the machine are extremely easy. If you want to make cafe-style coffees at home, then this is the coffee maker you should go for.

Promises a clear brew
Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is an art, but with this French Press it’s much simplified. All you need is a good grind to add to the press, pour hot water all over it and put the lid on. In the time that it sits brewing in the carafe, finish up any chores. After a while, put the plunger down and pour it into your favourite cup. The 4-part superior filtration on the plunger will ensure no coffee grounds get poured out. Its durable borosilicate carafe has measurement markings to make it easy for you to adjust your coffee. On other days, this french press can also be used to brew green tea, or froth milk and squash fruit with the help of the plunger. Buy this product if you enjoy a good black coffee.

Enjoy coffee on the go
First of its kind, this smart coffee maker works with the help of an app on your phone after being paired via bluetooth. After you’ve added your favourite ingredients in the correct quantities according to the recipe, you just have to place the mug on to the docking station and press a button for the machine to start making your coffee silently - all it takes is 60-90 seconds for it to get ready. The coffee maker not only makes all your favourite coffee recipes but also lets you carry around the mug in which it is made as it is 100 percent leak and spill proof. It also comes equipped with thermal insulation to ensure your coffee stays cold or warm along with a heating and frothing feature. Buy this coffee maker if you want something that you can carry around on your travels or even to the office.

Humble yet impactful filter coffee
This coffee maker is actually a traditional south indian filter coffee vessel that makes around 200ml decoction which is enough for 4-5 cups of coffee. Making coffee with this pot is simple - you need a good grind which has to be placed on the upper compartment, and boiling hot water to pour onto it. Leave this overnight, and all the decoction will drip into the bottom compartment so you can enjoy your perfect cup of filter coffee the next morning! The coffee maker is easy to clean and totally hassle-free. Get this product if you’re looking for something that is easy to use and maintain.

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