Top Four Automatic Flossers To Keep Your Teeth Germ Free

FP Studio December 23, 2020 04:39:02 IST
Top Four Automatic Flossers To Keep Your Teeth Germ Free

Cleans teeth with the press of a button
This automatic flosser helps remove particles stuck between your teeth with the help of a powerful water jet. It’s easy to use and uses air technology to propel water out from even the most difficult to reach places. For good cleaning, you can even add some mouthwash mixed with water into the travel-friendly sized device. Because it makes use of water it is not abrasive on the teeth and works great for people with braces. If you’re looking to maintain healthy gums with the help of a water-jet stream that flosses your teeth, then this product is for you.

Maintain healthy gums with multi-pressure modes
This automatic flosser makes it extremely easy to maintain healthy gums and ensure brighter teeth in less than a minute of usage. The device is handheld and is perfect for a small bathroom or to carry on one of your travels because of its compact and portable design. The device works on 3 AA batteries which are included with the device and is waterproof - so you can use it while showering too. There are two pressure modes on it so you can pick the one you are comfortable with to get rid of harmful bacteria and debris. All you need to do is add water [warm water if your teeth are sensitive] and point it at the tip of your gums. Buy this product if you’re looking at something that is travel-friendly.

Electric powered automatic flosser
Equipped with 3 modes for deep cleaning this automatic flosser/irrigator is perfect for meeting demand of different people. It has a standard mode which removes plaque with efficiency for people with normal teeth, a gentle mode that is suitable for children and people with sensitive teeth, and a pulse mode which is ideal for gum massage. It comes with 4 long replaceable nozzles, has a 300 ml capacity and 1400 mAh battery for long use after being charged. This device is great for solving problems like decay, bleeding gums, plaque, bad breath and remembers your last chosen mode and a perfect buy for someone with braces.

Table top flosser with replaceable jet tips
This automatic irrigator/flosser is extremely lightweight, weighing just about 25 grams. It sits on any platform/table and has a retractable hose which restores itself after use and is truly user-friendly. The flosser has 10 adjustable pressure modes and powers thorough without causing any pain to force any particles, plaque or debris out from the teeth. It also comes with 8 interchangeable tips - 4 classic shaped tips, 1 tongue cleaner tip, 1 orthodontic tip, 1 periodontal tip, and 1 dental plaque tip. You should get this flosser if you’re looking for something that the entire family can use.

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