Top fertilizers for a healthy home garden

pallavi pahwa November 24, 2020 20:59:42 IST
Top fertilizers for a healthy home garden

Hassle-free plant care
Feeding your plants couldn’t get any easier than this. Punch a small hole into the soil, drop in the nutrient-rich fertilizer spikes and let the product get to work. We love that the package contains assorted sized feeding spikes which makes it suitable for all sizes of plants and pots. The included punching tool is great for making small holes in the soil and allows you to add the fertilizer spikes at the correct depth. Being water-soluble, the nutrients slowly dissolve into the soil every time you water the plant. If you’re looking for an easy to use fertilizer to keep your garden thriving, this one’s for you.

Balanced nutrition with improved immunity
Made from naturally occurring ingredients and seaweed extracts, this fertilizer offers many benefits. This liquid fertilizer contains the right blend of growth hormones, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and a range of minerals to help your plants grow well. Regular use increases beneficial bacteria in the soil and boosts your plant’s resistance to disease and pests. You won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in your flowers and fruits as this fertilizer is non-toxic and organic. By soaking seeds in this solution before planting, you can improve germination and promote vigorous root growth in the new sprouts. For a well-balanced fertilizer that your plants will love, choose this one.

Complete care for rose plants
Roses can be fussy plants and require proper care and feeding. Using this fertilizer, you can grow award-winning roses with little effort. Packed with essential nutrients, you only need to add about 50gm per pot per week. Made from compostable materials, this fertilizer is entirely safe for your plants, and you won’t have to worry about the harmful effects of overfeeding. Fast-acting and formulated to boost your rose plant’s development, you’ll have healthy rose bushes and rich, vibrant blossoms in no time. For roses that will make you the neighbour’s envy, you can’t go wrong buying this fertilizer.

For overall growth and health
Say goodbye to dull and droopy plants with this well-developed fertilizer. This organic plant food is suited for all kinds of flowering, fruiting, and ornamental plants. Allowing for efficient absorption by the roots, the granules of plant food slowly degrade while releasing nutrients over time. Using only child and pet safe ingredients, this fertilizer is perfect for introducing young ones to the wonders of gardening. Its sustainable and long-lasting formula helps you keep your plants in top condition while preventing water pollution. We appreciate the included scoop that allows you easily apply the fertilizer granules in the right amount. Give your garden the care and nurturing it deserves with this fantastic fertilizer.

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