Top fashionable slippers for women

FP Studio July 24, 2020 08:37:13 IST
Top fashionable slippers for women

With embellished crystals

Slides have come into their own. This most glamorous pair is embellished with crystals. They are available in playful pops of colour, lending it a captivating visual appeal. The wide open-toe design and easy slip on mode makes them a quick wear, allowing your feet the ease of movement. The soft cushioning takes care of the feet and your comfort. This slightly blingy and fun creation can be worn almost anywhere and everywhere. If you are looking for a pair that goes effortlessly with different outfits. These slide slippers are the go-to choice for any kind of event.

Cushioned comfort

These slippers are a terrific choice for a cool look. The glitter is a lovely touch to lift its overall appearance from just any slipper to the ‘it’ slipper. High on glamour, this pair helps you put your best foot forward with confidence and ease. The soles are designed in such a fashion that it does not put a strain on your feet and makes wearing them such fun. Crafted beautifully, this spells luxury and sophistication. Looking to marry style and comfort, this is a top drawer choice.

The best of support

These slippers sport a refined appeal. From a brand that has consistently proven its worth, this one offers unmatched quality with great durability. The reliability of the product is unmatched because of the brand’s excellence in the footwear segment for decades. The three buttons on the uppers of this pair lend a very contemporary vibe to it. The slippers add that slight extra inches to your height and help you walk with ease and confidence. These will make sure there is no strain on your ankle. If you are a working woman in search of a pair that can withstand the rigours of your busy day, then look no further. This one's for you.

Poise perfect

This elegant pair oozes poise and sophistication. Its open design showcases your feet beautifully. The solid sole helps in maintaining a sound grip. The shiny upper portion gives it that brilliant look and an aesthetic appeal. The big toe rock, adds that quirky touch. For soft landing and support, the bottom is adequately cushioned. These chic yet comfortable flats are a great party wear option. Grab your power clutch for your special night-out.

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