Top electric toothbrushes for that megawatt smile

FP Studio July 20, 2020 21:53:37 IST
Top electric toothbrushes for that megawatt smile

Pro care from the comfort of home.
This sleek and stylish toothbrush rotates, oscillates, and pulses to get rid of all the grime on your teeth. Its superior 3d cleaning action is only made better by the fact that it reminds you when the dentist-recommended 2 minutes is up. Amazing right? With two simple modes - daily clean and gum care daily, it keeps things simple and to the point. It effectively leaves your mouth and teeth feeling squeaky clean every single time. But perhaps the most stress-free feature - it's out of this world lithium-ion battery. Going for 14 days on a single charge, this brush is the easiest pro-like solution to healthier teeth and gums.

For the longest run time
If you're wondering what's the big deal about switching from a manual to an electric toothbrush? You probably should start by buying the Philips Sonicare 3 Series. Teeth and gums feel noticeably fresher, and it's even safe to use if you have braces or dental restorations. With three weeks of battery life, this is one of the best we've seen yet. Finally, the 2 minute Smartimer and the Quadpacer put easy and efficient cleaning in the palm of your hands. First time user or if you're looking for a change, let this electric toothbrush make you smile.

Power up your whole mouth cleaning
This toothbrush has a simple, minimalist design and gives you a thorough cleaning minus all the bells and whistles. Its charcoal-infused antibacterial bristles promise to prevent bacterial growth and give you top-notch cleaning. With a brush head that has a cheek and tongue cleaner, the brush experience is like a calming massage for your mouth. Battery operated and easy to use, the Power-tip bristles clean in between the teeth quite effectively. Overall, we think if you're looking for a quick upgrade to your oral can, it doesn't get more straightforward than this one.

Perfect entry-level brushing
All those hard-to-reach back teeth don't stand a chance of accumulating plaque with this inexpensive toothbrush's advanced bristle design and DuPont bristles. Its curvy bristle structure hugs the sides of the teeth, making it feel like a comfortable and efficient clean every time. With a run time of twenty days on a single full charge, travelers and kids will love not having to bother about battery life. Besides, the real test is that you come away feeling like your teeth, gum line, and mouth overall feels remarkably clean every time. For fuss-free oral care, you can't go wrong with this one.

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