Top dry sheets for your baby’s comfort

FP Studio June 26, 2020 00:12:12 IST
Top dry sheets for your baby’s comfort

Hygiene of the baby is top priority

This baby dry sheet is skin friendly and hygienic. It will protect your baby against allergens, dust mites, bacteria, perspiration, urine and other fluids. The breathable and heat-proof material makes it perfect for a long term usage. You can choose the desirable sheet protector from a range of various sizes and colours. Cleaning the sheet is easy as it can be hand washed or machine washed in cold water. The product dries quickly so you can again place your child to sleep in the sheet’s care.

The 100 percent waterproof dry sheet comes with an airflow technology that allows air to circulate but propels any kind of liquid.

A versatile gift to the world of baby care

Now nights of uninterrupted sleep is a reality for new parents. With the new age dry sheet, your baby will feel absolutely comfortable and dry, and sleep soundly. This item is a versatile addition to your child care products. Use the baby mattress protector as a bed sheet, a crib sheet, bassinet or cot sheet. As it feels cool against the skin, the material is breathable and baby friendly.

The reusable, anti-dust mats are made up of rubber for maintaining hygiene. Alternative to PVC mats, these dry quickly and are good for your baby.

This dry sheet promises only happy dreams for you and your baby

The ideal choice since this product is extremely light weight, making it easy to carry and clean. It can absorb up to 8 times its weight of water or liquid, making it very efficient. Made out of the congregation of two membranes – the soft smooth layer with the waterproof breathable factor – this item is sure to fulfill all your needs. The size of the product is large, thereby giving better protection to the bed sheet from spills. No need to worry about stains from urine or any other liquid as the material of the bed protector is stain proof.

Ensures your baby is safe from any microbial infection

You can trust this product with respect to the hygiene factor completely. This sheet can be sterilized in up to 90 degree centigrade, thereby diminishing the possibility of any microbial infection. There is no bigger consolation for a mother or father than finding their kid sleeping without any disturbances. You will make the right choice by gifting this hygienic breathable sheet to your little one. This way, no matter which fluid spills on the sheet, your child feels dry and rests comfortably.

Opting for this ultra-absorbent sheet will be one of the best decisions that you make for your baby.

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