Top drinks to beat the heat

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Top drinks to beat the heat


Lemonade with a twist.
Is there anything more classic than summer and lemonade? This recipe offers all the goodness of lemon and barley in one easy to whip up the mix. Help the kids set up a pretend lemonade stand for their friends or serve up with plenty of ice and a twist of lime for a ladies luncheon. This is always a big hit with all ages. Get this if you want a great thirst quencher to keep you hydrated and happy all day long.

Stay refreshed with soothing sips.
A cool blend of herbal ingredients makes this bright red drink a refreshing concoction to keep on hand throughout the year. But RoohAfza is not just a thirst quencher; you can also add it to mocktails and desserts and has plenty of cooling and nutritional value. There are tons of recipes you can try with this syrup. Add soda to make a quick fizzy drink for yourself or make a refreshing falooda with milk, ice-cream and chopped dry fruits for the kids. If you're looking for a great crowd pleaser, pick this one.

Ultimate summer cooler.
Everyone, from grandparents to young children loves the flavour of this delicious green drink. Besides being packed with antioxidants, drinking plenty of this through hot days will keep you cool and hydrated easily. Nature's favourite cooler, you can make it even serve it up as a mocktail with lime juice, ice, salt and soda or make it all grown up with a splash of gin. If you're tired of all the regular flavours and are looking for a classic pick that is gluten-free, vegan and free from artificial flavouring, try this. Thank us later!

Best instant powdered drink mix
Orange is a versatile fruit flavour that is popular right from childhood. A retro favourite, it's easy to cool down and kick off the party with a tall glass of this delicious orange drink that offers excellent flavour and Vitamins A, B, C and Iron in every sip.
Made with a refreshingly citrus taste, adding a few scoops of this to a jug of water is the easiest way to remind the whole family to keep sipping away and stay hydrated. If you love a refreshing drink that's not too sweet, you can't go wrong with Tang.

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