Top dresses for women

FP Studio October 12, 2020 12:21:49 IST
Top dresses for women

Short sleeve wonder

Made with crepe fabric, known for its graceful fall, the apparel feels light when worn and is easy to maintain. Short sleeves with a ruffled look add to your comfort. Available in a host of colours, there will never be a dull moment in this one. Just slip into this beautifully designed dress to enjoy a day out with your girlfriends or while enjoying yourself on family picnics. Complete the look with a power clutch or an oversized bag and walk into any room with confidence. If you are looking for a western maxi dress for those special occasions, this right here does that admirably well.

A pink delight

Stylish, comfortable, single-item outfits have always been important. With a maxi dress at hand you don’t have to worry about matching outfits, just slip into it and you are ready to go. Complete the look with lace-up heels or stilettos and you are ready to rock the evening. It gently flares from the waist and highlights your curves while downplaying any trouble spots. A scoop neck is flattering. It comes with a huge belt to secure your waist and further accentuates the outfit. If you have a party coming up, here is a dress for you to consider.

In floral print

This printed dress with tie-up detail on the back is a visual stunner. The floral pattern adds to its charm and delight. It sports a V-neckline, an all-time classic. Add a pair of gold hoops and a put on your best and brightest lipstick for that special effect and gloss. Slip into your pumps and you are good to go. Its nice relaxed fit and easy wearability adds to its appeal. This sleeveless dress with its stylish design is your answer to that special dress you have been searching for.

Slim fit

This snug fitting dress provides a slimming frame in breathable and super soft cotton material. It is a fun wear, the silhouette perfectly accentuating those curves. The stripes add to its aesthetic appeal. This dress is an elegant option for an evening event. It also features a short zippered neck front and is sleeveless. It is breezy, fun and easy to wear. Slap on your sneakers or heels and you are ready to head out. Throw in a statement hoop earrings and enjoy your evening. If you seek comfort in cotton, then this dress is tailor made for you.

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