Top double bedsheets for your kids’ room

FP Studio August 26, 2020 08:36:24 IST
Top double bedsheets for your kids’ room

A light-weight bedsheet

This beautiful cartoon-printed bed sheet will enhance the beauty of your kids' bedroom. It is extremely pleasant and elegantly made. It is made up of glace cotton which is soft, cosy and lightweight for all-season use. The package contains one double bed sheet and two pillow covers. The bedsheet has a thread count of 250 which makes it super comfortable. The multi-colour abstract design will make it super-attractive for your kids. This is a great choice for those who want a colourful cartoon print addition to the kids’ bedroom.

Durable and long-lasting

Available in a gorgeous pink colour, this is a bedsheet that was always meant to be part of a child’s room. It is a durable product which will last you for quite many years. This bedsheet is wrinkle-free and strong enough for daily wear and tear. It is being sold in beautiful shades of pink, blue, purple and red. The material of the bedsheet is skin-friendly, exactly what is expected of any article in a child’s room. There are two pillow covers in this set. The bedsheet is soft, cozy and smooth to touch and intricately woven. An absolute must-buy if you want some dash of colour and vibrant design in your child’s room.

All-season product

These cotton bed sheets come with two complimentary pillow covers in geometric design . You can light up your bedroom decor with different kinds of bedsheets which come in a vibrant multi-colour range. The large size of the bedsheet makes it easy to tuck away under your child’s bed. It has an attractive ludo and dice design which is ideal for your child’s bedroom. There is even a small cute pillow on the shape of a dice. Pick these bedsheets if you want an all-season cotton comfort for your child’s room.

Gives a vibrant look

These set of bedsheets give any room a vibrant look and feel. It is made from polycotton and is available in multicolour designs. You can also mix and match similar pillows to give your resting space a complete look. They have a paisley pattern with multi-colour options. The package comes with two matching pillow covers although you can use other similarly coloured covers to go with the bedsheet. These are ideal bedsheets for use and are a real value for money.

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