Top disinfectant sprays to fight against germs

FP Studio July 20, 2020 00:00:32 IST
Top disinfectant sprays to fight against germs

Carry your safety in your pocket

The easy to carry cylindrical tube is safe to use on skin and various surfaces. The smart structure of the tube makes it highly portable. The disinfectant spray has excellent results as it has been found to kill almost 99.9 percent bacteria and viruses when tested in ideal lab conditions. You do not have to worry about rashes or allergies if your skin comes in contact with this spray. It is a skin friendly product and comes from the stable of a trusted brand.

Sanitization was never this easy

From the renowned house of household products comes this disinfectant spray. The fast and effective method to kill germs can finish nearly cent per cent of germs. Another interesting aspect of the product is that it can be used both on hard and soft surfaces like table top, sofa, mattresses and curtains. There is no need to wipe, just shake the bottle well and spray on the intended surface from a distance of 15 to 20 cm away. Why this one? Well, it not only kills germs but also gives a pleasant smell to the surrounding environment eliminating bad odour.

Kill germs in seconds!

The multi-surface disinfectant spray kills bacteria and viruses both with equal proficiency. This spray gives hassle free usage and works well with no wipe formula. Use it regularly to disinfect the interior of your car, door knobs, furniture, glass tops and even the kitchen. It is efficient in killing germs within seconds, instantly safeguarding your loved ones. If you are seeking a product that is good for both indoor and outdoor use, this one is ideal. Now use it to clean and disinfect outdoor spaces while camping or enjoying a picnic.

Disinfect your smartphone screen

Often the most commonly used objects contain the most amount of germs on them. Surfaces like smart phone screen, laptop screen, door knobs and calling bells are top spots that should be cleaned. This disinfectant spray is ideal for cleaning these surfaces. It has been proven effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses all in one. This can work well for toilets and wash basins as well. This is a must buy to get a hygienic home environment and deal with all surfaces be it curtains, dustbins or the sofa.

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