Top digital clocks for home

FP Studio July 23, 2020 09:31:22 IST
Top digital clocks for home

Displays room temperature

The battery and electricity powered digital wall clock gives more functionality compared to the analog option. The glow of the clock also provides better readability. The wall mounted clock works with an electric connection while the batteries are reserved to maintain timings during power cuts. The battery inside the clock is kept locked with the help of an insulation strip. The square-shaped clock while displaying time, also showcases the date and day. The highly functional piece also displays the current temperature of the room. Those looking for a value for money will find this product appealing.

Big display

Waking up on time is not a worry anymore with this multi-functional digital alarm clock. Perfect for heavy sleepers, the clock comes with a loud alarm sound. It also enables for a prolonged wake-up call with the repeat snooze option. It comes with a large digital display and bold fonts. The high brightness backlight enables you to see the time even in dark. The feature makes it easier to see time at night without switching on the room's light. This product is ideal for the bedroom side table.

Doubles up as a mirror

The multi-functional digital alarm clock also doubles as a mirror. The mirror surface of the clock provides you with a perfect reflection, allowing you to apply makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, etc. The LED digital alarm clock comes with a smart night light and hence can also be used as a bedside night light. It has two modes. The brightness of the light can be adjusted to ensure sleep without any obtrusion. The elegant and sleek design of the clock also goes perfectly with your space.

With a birthday reminder

The multi-functional clock comes with a calendar which has a birthday reminder function. So, the clock will not just help you in being punctual but it will also ensure that you don't miss the birthdays of your loved ones. The feature will remind you about a special day by playing a birthday song. The clock also comes with other fun features like a count-down timer. The sound of the alarm can be customized from many music options. This all-rounder with multiple features is something you should consider.

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