Top desks for your home office

FP Studio August 19, 2020 17:00:27 IST
Top desks for your home office

Get a wood upgrade

This table is designed ideally to keep your desk well-organised and tidy most of the time. Made of sheesham wood with honey finish, the table has a smooth texture which adds to the beauty of your room. It has a modern and contemporary furniture design style with a flat surface. The table requires basic self-assembly on the customer’s end and detailed instructions are provided with the product. If you are looking for a classy and modern-looking work area, this is the study table to opt for.

Laminated surface makes it waterproof

This table is sleek. It can be used both in your living room and study room. If you don’t want to use it as a study table, it can easily accommodate your TV, music system and your set-top box so that it can adorn your living room. Made of pre-laminated board, it adds a stylish touch to the house. The lamination makes the table is water-proof and one need not worry about spilling tea or coffee anymore. It can accommodate a desk and the essential office files easily. This is the ideal table for multi-purpose use around the house.

Space-saving design

This table is the solution to requirements for office space at home. It can be used for various purposes – not just for working on your laptops. It can act as a study table for your kids in the morning and become your workstation later in the day. It has a space-saving smart and elegant design. It will bring you much convenience no matter if you are reading or surfing on-line. Made of sheesham wood, it has a brown colour with rustic teak finish. This one is perfect for buyers who want to get an all-rounder table to meet the many demands.

Comes with power supply board

This is primarily a laptop or desktop table for your office or home. It has a built-in power supply board which helps you connect all of your electronic equipment from laptops, printers, speakers to mobile phone chargers. The table is made of particleboard and fibreboard which is moisture-resistant. There is a basic drawer in the front of the laptop to store your important documents or notebooks. The white colour makes it standout and brightens the room. This product here is an offering from a renowned manufacturer of furniture and household items. The table should appeal to those who want a stylish product in a minimalistic look.

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