Top desk lamps for easy reading

FP Studio October 22, 2020 17:57:25 IST
Top desk lamps for easy reading

Smart and bright

This desk light uses a matte diffuser and is designed to reduce glare, eye strain and eye fatigue. It comes with a CRI of >80 and this ensures your colours are bright and accurate. This one will make all your crafting, colouring projects look accurate and well-coordinated! The lamp provides a cool daylight and is available in a classic black colour. If you are looking at an LED desk light which is convenient and which can be easily foldable and requires less space, this is the desk lamp for you.

Non-flickering light

This lamp can rotate as much as 180 degrees. It is suitable for bedroom, living room, kids' room, or even for cafe decoration. It has been designed to be soft, stable and non-flickering. Not only does it consume less energy and lasts longer than many of its contemporaries. The LEDs have a direct beam and this makes for soothing light which is just perfect for reading and writing. Now, if you require a desk lamp which is a visual delight and can come in handy for different uses, this product is perfect for you.

Takes little space

You can twist the neck of the LED lamp in any direction and you can adjust the lamp to the perfect position. It will ensure that the desk light occupies the least amount of space but also makes it very portable. It has a soft diffuser convex lens and this brings greater light area – it is not too bright and makes for softer high quality. This variable brightness setting makes this desk light the perfect reading light since you can dim or brighten the light as per your choice.

A smart desk lamp

This is a smart desk lamp and it comes with voice control. This 10W lamp gives 520 lumens of brightness. All you need to do is to connect the lamp with a 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi and control it using the app. This one is the latest offering of an electronics company known for its good quality and affordable products. The lamp comes with 4 lighting modes to suit your requirement and it has been designed to be durable with an all metal casing. It works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and it can be folded easily. This is a real value for money choice for buyers.

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