Top curtains to perk up your home

FP Studio July 20, 2020 11:41:32 IST
Top curtains to perk up your home

Awesome abstract pattern

Showcasing a vivid and striking abstract print, these door curtains are a fabulous pick. They have a unique wave like panel printed pattern. These semi-transparent curtains are meant for double curtaining. The product is made from polyester fabric that is highly resistant to environmental conditions. They offer protection from shrinkage and wrinkles making them easy to maintain. The colours are unlikely to fade. The eyelet holes are large enough for most rods in the market, making it easy to move the curtains along the rods. Go for these curtains if you want an eye-catching design to give your room a trendy decor.

Provides the right privacy

Transform the ambience of your home with these elegant, lightweight and solid curtains that are available in several sizes to match your home decor. The nice texture enhances the feel of the curtains. The solid colours provide added privacy by allowing just the right amount of light to pass through, giving your home a calm and peaceful ambience. These luxurious curtains are digitally printed with high definition quality. They are in one colour and have shades to match the decor of your room. If you are looking at adding that richness to your room at an affordable price, these curtains are ideal.

Premium Product

This one is a vibrant curtain which can be layered and the sleek finish makes the space welcoming. Available in many colour choices, the floral prints in neutral hues and sunshine colours, all have their distinct appeals to match your taste. It has a floral net fabric which lets just the adequate amount of sunlight seep into the room to keep you in the right mood. Opt for these curtains if you want vibrant colours to light up the room. They are just the right addition to your shopping cart.

No shrinkage after wash

This 100% cotton hand block printed curtain set can turn an ordinary room beautiful. These solid linen look draperies do not have a sheen or shiny finish, and add depth to your room. There are no eyelet rings, hence can be washed by hand or in machine. It comes with a shrinkage control post wash. These curtains are very easy to install. We vote for these curtains for the breathable cotton fabric which brings an extra dash of breeze right into your homes.

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