Top cooking sauces for quick recipes

FP Studio August 13, 2020 00:16:17 IST
Top cooking sauces for quick recipes

Usher in that tangy taste

Available in a handy pet bottle for easy use and carry, this tangy sauce is a great accompaniment to your varied cooking experiments. A whole big green chilly floating in the sauce bottle signifies the freshness of the product. This is an excellent ingredient to go with a host of interesting Chinese delights that you plan to whip up in your kitchen. Invite friends over and enjoy a good tangy meal. Well, even earn plaudits for your efforts. Meant for those who want a sauce that is hot and has an acidic flavour too.

Spice and smoke

This flavouring sauce is used as a condiment, a marinade or a topping for meat cooked in barbeque style. Liberally slather the meat to give it that unique twist and a great burst of flavours will be shooting through your mouth. It instantly uplifts the taste of the whole food with its distinct taste. You can use it to tenderise your meat, and also as a dressing for your big burgers. If you appreciate a bold flavour and unique taste, a mix of sweet and spice, you have got to have this sauce. Perfect for the ribs that you are cooking for a party at home.

Seasoning at its best

This cooking sauce has a light base but strong in the flavour department. The aroma of this one is a real draw. It is a hydrolysed vegetable protein-based sauce used as a substitute for meat flavouring. You just use a few drops at a time and the effect would just be amazing every single time. It is an ideal accompaniment when you decide to make that much-loved chilli chicken recipe of yours. The soy sauce is very essential for all kinds of Thai dishes and can be used as a seasoning. It will ensure your dish gets the authentic Thai touch.

It is a kitchen essential

Available in a lovely tube design, this chilli garlic sauce is an everyday essential in any kitchen. It is used principally to bring out that special hot flavour. It has multiple uses, be it as a sauce or marinade, or as a dip with crisps and nachos. The sauce can be used to spice up meats and veggies. From Chinese food to Indian, its range is quite varied. If you are looking for an all-rounder, the sauce should do the trick. For that memorable meal and special taste, go for this sauce.

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