Top coffee makers for a great cuppa

FP Studio June 21, 2020 02:39:36 IST
Top coffee makers for a great cuppa

Comes with automatic pressure release protection

It has a frothing function and an automatic pressure release protection system. Serve four full cups with coffee at a time with this coffee machine. The filter has been made out of stainless steel and the funnel is of metal. It has a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. The coffee machine is being offered by one of the top brands in this field. It is an exceptional machine meant for heavy duty performance.

It has a drip stop for easy coffee brewing

The glass jug of this coffee maker makes it look classy. Whenever you switch the device on, a red LED power switch will be illuminated for better usage. The jug is capable of brewing two to seven cups (coffee at a time. It takes very little space with its compact size. There is a drip stop that will stop the coffee from dripping through the filter. This drip coffee machine is a must have item as it comes with an aroma twister for giving you the best taste experience.

Next generation smart coffee maker

Now revolutionize the way you drink coffee with this next generation smart coffee maker that has Bluetooth connectivity attached. It can be easily used as a travel mug. It has a double walled exterior and a spill proof lid. Control how you prepare your coffee simply with the touch of your fingers via an app. It has thermal insulation features that will give you a wide range of high quality hot and cold coffee variations. Coffee gets brewed in a short time – within only 60 to 90 seconds. This coffee maker-cum-portable mug is ideal for the busy bee like you. Make a great cup within a few minutes and stay focused the whole day.

Food safe coffee maker

Get a cup of coffee within half a minute with perfect precision using this coffee maker. The 600 ml beaker can make up to 6 cups of coffee at a single go. Ideal for consuming black coffee or Americano, this machine can also prepare South Indian filter coffee. It has a water level indicator and an illuminated power switch. The in-house brand has been making its mark with quality. This machine features a metallic filter that will ensure easy cleaning and great performance and affordable pricing.

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