Top Christmas decorations for your home

FP Studio December 15, 2020 09:49:23 IST
Top Christmas decorations for your home

Christmas tree decoration set

Suitable for Christmas trees of all sizes this set of decorations has a variety of familiar Christmas ornaments. Get the family together and put up the baubles, bells, small gift boxes, stars, candy canes and little Santa Claus figurines. With 70 high-quality pieces in the set, there is enough to go around even a 6-foot tree. Easy to set up or store away until the next year, pick this set of beautiful decorations to bring home the spirit of Christmas this year.

DIY Christmas decor

When you are looking for an inexpensive, yet creative way to decorate your home, start with this simple, yet striking wall vinyl sticker. This decal makes a fast, no-fuss alternative to messy paint and stencils that you can install and remove easily by yourself. When applied to a smooth surface away from moisture and direct sunlight, the self-adhesive backing comes off easily without any surface damage. Kids rooms, entryways or even smaller rented apartments, you can let your imagination go wild with this cool Yuletide decor idea.

Christmas party perfect

When you have a large party of 6 for dinner and are struggling to find the time to decorate, these chair covers are the easy solution. Made in a festive-appropriate red and white santa hat fashion, just slip these over the backs of any armless dining chairs and half your job is done. With ample coverage from back to front, your guest will fall in love with these velvet covers and earn you plenty of compliments with ease. If you’re looking for something you can store and reuse every year easily, pick this set right away.

Long Christmas garland

When you have homes with long balconies, living rooms that really stretch out or a door way that’s perfect for some festive decor, then you need something that stands out. This premium-quality Christmas garland unrolls to a fantastic 9 ft long that allows you to really get creative with your decor. Decorated with red baubles and crimson poinsettia florets is reusable and lends itself to many different decor ideas. Easy to set up and take down, if you’re looking for some classic red and green decor, pick up this one right away.

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