Top choppers for you to seamlessly cut vegetables and fruits

FP Studio June 05, 2020 01:35:24 IST
Top choppers for you to seamlessly cut vegetables and fruits

Large enough to do all the cutting at once

The 500 ml large vegetable chopper has the ability to cut several veggies together. The three blade system will ensure that the fruits are cut finely in little time. The blades are made up of stainless steel for sharp edged, and fast paced cutting. Even though the container is large, it comes with a compact shape and can easily fit into one of your kitchen counters.
Moreover, the combo offer is to thrive for. You can select another chopper, grater, garlic crusher, chopping board, dough maker, bottle opener, or food strainer to get along with the product.
Make your everyday work easy and order this chopper right away.

Go for any shape or size cuts with this chopper

With this cutter, you would not have to worry about different cuts for different fruits and vegetables. With an easy rotary button, you can change the thickness of the slices and get the desired results. From straight chops to round slices, this product will churn out exactly what you need and want. It can be used to cut cucumber, banana, onion or even dry fruits. This chopper will produce clear cut pieces of any soft vegetable. The stainless steel blades will sure that the chopper will be your companion for a long time.

A sturdy device that makes kitchen work easy

Get those finely chopped veggies simply by pulling a string. The string function launches the three sharp edged stainless steel blades into action. Without any electric connection, chop all types of vegetables using this product. If you are a sucker for good quality, then the unbreakable ABS plastic used to make this chopper will definitely attract you. The extra-large container will complete the hard task in no time with the help of the sturdy placement of the blades.

Versatility on point!

The stylish looking, two-colour scheme choppers can cut anything – from onions to garlic to fruits and vegetables. It can also efficiently chop boneless meat and even crush ice. One little container will help you go across so many tough chores in just a few seconds. The chopper uses Japanese blade mechanism for fast and precise cutting. The size of pieces can be altered by pulling the string. The intensity of the pull is directly proportional to the size of the chopping.
The pulley system has a sturdy thick wire to guarantee long usage.

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