Top chocolates for healthy you

FP Studio October 16, 2020 14:52:25 IST
Top chocolates for healthy you

Handmade chocolate with card

This pack of personalized premium chocolates is superior tasting, smooth that comes with superior flavor and texture. Finest quality ingredients including the highest percent of cocoa and premium cocoa beans are used to manufacture this symbol of love and care. These chocolates are gluten and transfat free. A blend of vanilla, milk, and butterscotch is used to make elegant designs. These chocolates are processed in small batches to maintain the highest standard of quality. The ideal gift pack comes along with a birthday card to make someone’s day extra special. These chocolates are for you if you are simply looking for the best.

River rock chocolate

These rock shaped chocolates look extremely attractive and colorful. Made with milk chocolate base and formed into different shapes, these chocolates are covered with thin colorful candy coating to give a finishing touch. Its shape and color look similar to real river rocks. These mouth-watering chocolates come in a zipper pouch to retain its freshness. This chocolate pack makes for the best gift for your loved one or even for kids to have a fun filled chocolaty experience.

Melts in your mouth

This chocolate bar made of cocoa is a multi-origin product where cocoa beans are harvested from multiple estates. The cocoa is fermented in a clean environment before processing. It contains 55 percent dark chocolate making the bar healthier than others. It is a gluten-free product. The chocolate bar, when unwrapped, contains a beautiful and attractive cocoa design on it. It has a smooth and soft texture. For the best of taste, but this chocolate pack.

Assorted pack

This premium chocolate pack is an assorted pack of both dark and milk chocolate variants. It is made purely from Indian cocoa with a distinct taste. It comes in a pack of two dark chocolates with a complimentary milk chocolate bar. The chocolates come with attractive packaging, lion, and peacock printed on its cover. Dark chocolates are rich in minerals and contain anti-oxidants and are healthy for the heart. This pack of chocolates is for you if you are looking for an exciting offer.

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