Top Carrom Boards To Help You Enjoy Your Favourite Indoor Game

FP Studio June 22, 2020 17:08:11 IST
Top Carrom Boards To Help You Enjoy Your Favourite Indoor Game

Make The Right Shot

KD AAR-KAY Carrom board is famous for their smooth playing surface and excellent rebound capabilities. It’s designed to provide a sturdy reinforcement that enhances the flatness and prevents warping of the board. Comes with a thick 3+ inch border, which offers excellent rebounds. Built using ply with twice the thickness, the KD AAR-KAY has a sturdy, flat surface, made for prolonged use. This carrom board is one of the best among the professional boards available and is suited for use in all kinds of professional tournaments.

Bring Your Skills To The Table

AARYANZ Silky Touch Carrom Board is designed to add a touch of colour to your game. With dimensions of 35” x 35”, it provides ample room for closely-fought contests to unfold. The smooth playing area, with eye-catching painted demarcations, lets shots zip across, so players can showcase the best of their skills. The AARYANZ Silky Touch Carrom Board has special wooden back
supports, which keep the playing surface steady and level. Once you get this board, there will be no stopping your Carrom marathons at home.

It’s Gametime

In designing their wooden carrom boards, CBM Enterprises have tried to get the basics spot on. That’s why the board is built with top quality Assam plywood, reinforced with Kikar hardwood. No wonder these carrom boards are known for their smooth playing surface and phenomenal re-bounce capabilities. At the back of the board, CBM Enterprises have also installed a sturdy reinforcement, to preserve the flatness of the playing surface and prevent warping of the structure. As a value add, CBM Enterprises also provides stickers, coins and powder as part of the carrom board purchase package. This is perfect for the carrom enthusiast.

Play The Right Way

Welcome the new age of carrom products, with the True Odd - Rough & Regular Carrom Board On Wheels, that gives your game of carrom the mobility it never knew. But together with that novel feature, the True Odd Carrom Board packs a lot of quality features. It’s immediately apparent in the smooth playing surface, which is made of 8mm Indian waterproof plywood, so that you can enjoy the dynamism of the 29” x 29” surface to the fullest. The 3-inch solid wood border gives this board excellent rebound abilities, so the force of your shots are not wasted.Besides, the board comes with hand woven woolen pouches, which won’t tear even after prolonged use. And together with the True Odd Carrom Board On Wheels, you also get a full set of carrom coins, striker and powder. It’s time to bring the whole community together for a game!

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