Top card games to play with friends and family

FP Studio June 28, 2021 13:00:33 IST
Top card games to play with friends and family

Best party-ready game to keep you laughing
Whether you get this as a gift or are thinking of buying it, you won't be disappointed. Fuss-free and with easy instructions, this game only gets funnier with every new person who plays. Well-designed and tons of fun, you can extend the fun with extension packs that can be added on when you are ready. We loved the fact that the cards are sturdy enough to handle repeated plays and plenty of use - good news for big groups with lots of players. This is the one game you need at your next big party.

A classic game for kids
An excellent game for all ages, this is a great staple for every home. Kids and adults alike have so much fun with this one, that back-to-back games are a widespread occurrence. Easy to use and store, these cards can be used as a fun game on picnics or even as a learning aid for younger kids to learn color and number values. Kids as young as three and four can play this game easily. Durable and very affordable, add this one to your game list right now.

Pass the time and have fun
Take turns asking each other some of the best would you rather questions around. Difficult to stop once you get going, these cards are great to bring along on long car rides or take on vacation. With every answer, you get to know a little bit more about the group you're playing, which can be a fun and exciting exercise. The game gets more fun when you choose the less popular option and get into intense discussions to convince each other. Buy this if you love a fun challenge.

Biodegradable and recyclable classic card set
Regardless of whether you need a bunch of great playing cards for poker, blackjack to polish your magic tricks, you always need to find the best deck available. This may have been a difficult task in the past, but with this set of high-quality cards, you find dealing and shuffling a breeze. Apart from this, rich colors and gold foil and silver foil in the design make it perfect for a luxurious playing experience. If you're eco-conscious and always on the lookout for better alternatives, this set made of eco-friendly PET material is perfect for you.

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