Top building toys for your kids

FP Studio October 07, 2020 21:09:12 IST
Top building toys for your kids

Explore the joy of building

With large cubes that are easy for little hands to stack and build, every piece is sturdy and well made. Kids spend hours using their imagination to come up with new things to make. The whole family can get in on the fun by mixing and matching to build towers and houses, buildings and vehicles. This 80 piece set is great for fine motor skills and is made with high-quality plastic. It even comes with a strong bag for quick storage and easy portability. If you're looking for a game that will keep your kid interested and happy on the weekend or during vacation time, pick this one. It's an easy winner!

Cultivate your child's mind

Evenly shaped and beautifully coloured, wooden blocks are the ultimate open-ended toy for all ages. Right from toddlerhood, children find it easy to assemble the lightweight tiles into various shapes and designs. Stimulating even for a baby to look at and tap, we think this is an excellent investment for the early years. Develop your child's math, science, spatial and tactile skills as you build concrete structures together and learn through play. Perfect for long-term use, buy this to encourage your child's creativity and imagination.

Learn skill through animal stacking

bought this for use in a Lego group I run but also for using, in turn, taking games with some of the children I do intervention work with at school. It is brilliant stuff. Simple games that you can make up to help with SALT as well as those groups above. It would be nice to have more variety at a lower price, but that would be my only quibble. Use it at home or at work. Great for challenging younger minds and getting creative with mix and match animals.

The ultimate playtime companion

Combine multiple panels of these building blocks to make everything from castles to two-storeyed houses. All children need is a little creativity and help to imagine what they can build to enjoy this Megahome building set. Kids seem to enjoy playing with the detachable windows for hours as they fix pieces together and make unusually shaped structures. Made with high-quality materials, every piece has rounded corners and is built to last. Buy this one to let your child explore the idea of their perfect home and to give them plenty of practice concentrating and increasing focus.

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