Top budget N-95 masks to ensure a safe living

FP Studio July 29, 2020 02:01:57 IST
Top budget N-95 masks to ensure a safe living

Reusable N-95 face mask

If you wear glasses, the mask will ensure that there is no fogging. Its USP is that it offers five layers of filtration and effectively blocks out dust and other particles from the air you are breathing in. The soft elastic ear loops and the nose clip help you adjust the mask on your face. The exhaled air can easily move out of the cotton mask making it comfortable for you to breathe as there is low heat build-up. This value for money pack of N95 mask set is an extremely popular choice and is perfect to suit your needs too.

Breathing is easy with this product

This skin friendly face mask offers up to 98% particulate filtration and helps protect against bacteria, microorganisms, body fluids and dust to help you breathe easier and stay germ-free. Ergonomically designed to give you that ease of breathing while working and helps ensure a better seal. The 5 layers of filters ensure that the air you are breathing is free from dust particles and other impurities

Filters out PM 2.5 particles

It filters out 95 per cent of the harmful PM 2.5 particles. Lined with 5 layers of protection filters, the mask will keep dust and other pollutants away and let your child breathe clean air. Washable and reusable, it is comfortable to wear. A nose clip helps your child adjust the mask on their face just the way they want it. If you are looking for a mask for your children that provides them the much-needed protective shield, then look no further.

3D arc design

A tremendous value for your buck, this 5 mask filters out 95 per cent of impurities, chemicals, dust particles and lets you breathe clean air. Made from skin-friendly fabric, it makes for a comfortable wear. The breathing resistance in these masks is comparatively less compared to other variants, making it comfortable to wear for long periods without feeling suffocated. These surgical grade N95 respirators offer the highest level of protection.
The real clincher in this variety of N-95 masks is its 3D arc design that helps it fit snugly on your face. Masks are often known to slip but that won’t be a bother here, thanks to the soft adjustable ear loops.

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