Top body lotions for dry skin

FP Studio November 11, 2020 18:06:13 IST
Top body lotions for dry skin

For Intensive Care

This non-greasy yet creamy lotion is perfect for maintaining smooth, soft, healthy and glowing skin. Clinically proven to restore dry skin, take a dollop of it in your palms and apply it daily for effective results. The product uses glycerin as its main ingredient along with oats extract which is effective in locking moisture in the skin. A bonus - the lotion has a pump dispenser that makes it extremely easy to dispense cream. Perfect for people who experience dry skin and is suitable for all skin types.

For Minty-cool freshness

From humidity to pollution, being outdoors can damage your skin and make it dry. A quick-absorbing lotion, this product doesn't feel sticky on the skin. Made using mint and coconut milk, it nourishes your skin keeping it cool and hydrated all day. The lotion doubles up as a sunscreen and can help you prevent those dry tan lines you get from being in the hot sun. Its mild and refreshing scent is perfect for people who have a heightened sense of smell.

Naturally Supple & Soft

If you want a lightweight product that has ayurvedic ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and moist then this one is for you. Power-packed antioxidants, and healing extracts from an ayurvedic herb called Gotu Kola, this lotion combats dry skin with its nourishing formula. Daily application of the lotion will help you enhance your skin texture making it soft and supple. Take an adequate amount of body lotion in your palm, gently massage it all over your body until absorbed and use it as an when you feel that your skin needs some moisturizing care. This one is perfect for people who prefer ayurvedic solutions for parched skin

Tested and Tried

Easy to find in most homes, this product enjoys its popularity for its effectiveness that has stood the test of time. This nourishing body milk comes in a 400ml bottle with a top pump that makes it easy for quick applications. The lotion has almond oil as one of the ingredients to aid in reducing roughness on the skin and make it soft and supple. Pick this one if your skin needs deep moisturization.

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