Top beautiful jars to store cookies

FP Studio September 25, 2020 04:35:30 IST
Top beautiful jars to store cookies

Vintage looking jar with flute design

Crafted from a high quality glass jar that is study and durable. It has a beautiful vintage-look flute design with a wide mouth and the jar tapering gradually towards the base. It comes with a curved lid and a quality airtight rubber seal on which you can easily rely to keep your cookies moisture free. If you love crystal clear cookie jars, Incrizma Glassware - Imported Homemade Glass Storage Jar with Lid is the best pick for you. It's clear glass allows you to store the contents in a decor format to enhance the look of your kitchen.

A golden foliage jar

This round jar is cream in colour with a shining golden foil design printed on it. It is made of ceramic and has a wooden lid made from bamboo that fits perfectly well due to the rubber gasket that it is provided with. The dimensions of this jar is 11.8cms width and 10.5cms height with a capacity of around 800ml. You should definitely buy this product if you are looking for a simple yet attractive addition to your jars collection. Chumbak Golden Foliage Storage Jar is light in weight thus easy to handle.

Food grade stainless steel jar

This jar is constructed from 100% high food grade stainless steel making it durable and ensuring the contents kept in it remains safe and hygienic.The powder coating on this jar keeps it rust free. If you are looking for a rust free stainless steel jar, Elan Stainless Steel Food Storage Canister, Cookies Box, Kitchen Staples Storage Jar is the product for you that comes in a beautiful pink colour with golden flamingos printed on it. The intricate design of its golden lid knob improves its aesthetic looks. You don’t need to worry about the cookies losing their freshness as this gas is airtight and will preserve them for a long time period.

High strength borosilicate glass jar

The jar is non-toxic made for high grade borosilicate glass which is high strength and hardness making it extremely durable along with having resistance to high temperature making it dishwasher and microwave safe. The lid is airtight due to the silicon gasket that is non-toxic and made of bamboo, safe and environment friendly and has a capacity of 1500ml which is adequate enough to store away the cookies. If you need a glass jar with all the qualities, Avora 1050 ml Kitchen Storage Borosilicate Glass Jar & Container with Air Tight Bamboo Wooden Lid, Crystal Clear is must buy for you which also has a thickened bottom that ensures it is not fragile and easy to use.

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