Top Basketballs to get your dunking game better

FP Studio May 25, 2020 17:04:58 IST
Top Basketballs to get your dunking game better

Synthetic, breathable material for great play!

The best balls are ones with a good grip and durable structure. You can bounce them for ages and they still zoom through the hoop with the same intensity. The Solimo Basketball 14-Panel is exactly what the doctor ordered. This ball has an inflatable inner synthetic rubber bladder which effectively maintains the pressure to keep the ball inflated for a longer period of time. The bladder is wrapped in layers of fibre and then covered with a surface made from rubber that gives a solid grip on indoor surfaces. It’s perfect for light play on appropriate fields.

This looks simple but plays extraordinarily!

When you want your kid to fall in love with basketball, the most important thing is to make them fall in love with the ball. You want a ball that responds to your kid, that teaches them the ‘basketball attitude’. The FRATELLI - I Zoom – Basketball is perfect for this. It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, it doesn’t have flashy branding, and it takes you back to the first time you started shooting hoops. It is one of the best basketballs out there that is recommended for training. It’s made from durable premium quality rubber 100 percent rubber and has no compounds in it. The butyl bladder ensures the ball doesn't deflate under normal usage.

The best one to get your kid interested in the game

You know how you attach training wheels to a bicycle when you are trying to teach your kid how to cycle? This basketball is the training wheel of the sport of basketball. It’s perfect for young kids. The design is vibrant, and once you pass this to your kid, forget about getting it back. The Nivia Europa basketball is made out of rubberized moulded material and is suitable for hard surfaces, wooden flooring and indoor synthetic surfaces. It’s ideal for hobby play.

The preferred choice by many pros!

Most courts in India are outdoor courts. You need a ball that is tough enough to last on INDIAN concrete courts. Go to any half decent basketball coaching centre and you’ll see a bunch of Cosco balls being dribbled by tens of young, aspiring Kobe Bryants. Cosco balls are valued for their sturdiness. They don’t lose their grip even after they are bounced on hard concrete. Made out of rubber and equipped with nylon winding and a butyl bladder, they are the basketballs of choice for coaches across India. You’ll see them in most amateur matches in the country.

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