Top baby oils for your baby’s sensitive skin

FP Studio June 25, 2020 07:57:41 IST
Top baby oils for your baby’s sensitive skin

Get your Vitamin E dosage with this oil

It's a known fact that your baby's skin loses moisture twice as fast and is even more prone to dryness than an adult. Especially formulated for new born babies and non-sticky, Johnson's Baby Oil with Vitamin E is built to nourish your child's skin and make it soft and supple. The mild fragrance keeps the baby smelling fresh for longer and is gentle enough to be used often. Perfect for massages and this is the perfect solution when you want to give your little one a loving massage to relax them and keep them happy. That’s why moms everywhere love this and use it as an essential part of their baby care routine.

Let the power of herbs take over

This baby massage oil comes with the power of herbs to give your baby added protection. It is totally free from mineral oil and animal fat, as usually they lead to rashes and allergies on the baby’s sensitive skin. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil contains olive oil and Ashvagandha, both of which help promote the baby’s overall growth and development along with improving the baby’s skin tone and nourishing it at the same time, when massaged regularly. We highly recommend this one to add to your baby’s holistic development.

With natural ingredients

The power of ayurveda rests in this product. Equipped with ingredients like Ratanjyot that helps protect the baby skin, Shankhapushpi that shields the skin from infections, and Sesame oil that helps your baby’s skin absorb all the nutrients, this one is a winner. Throw in Camphor that stimulates the blood circulation and Urad that nourishes your muscles, Dabur Lal Tail becomes a must buy for your baby’s massage routine. Get this and take charge of your baby’s overall growth along with proper moisturised skin.

For your baby’s deep skin nourishment

The brand name is enough to assure you of the top quality of the product. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Massage Oil is created to enable keeping your baby’s skin soft and moisturised all day long. You can use this on the baby from Day 1! This is ideal for massaging your baby daily as it will lock the moisture in and soothe dry skin for long periods. if you are looking for something non-greasy and that can get absorbed fast, this is the one for you!

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