Top air purifiers to keep your home smelling fresh

FP Studio May 15, 2021 03:15:25 IST
Top air purifiers to keep your home smelling fresh

An air purifier with remote
This air purifier comes with advanced HEPA technology. It means it is highly recommended by doctors for asthma patients as it alleviates the harsh conditions of asthma. This air purifier can remove up to 99.9% of the micron particles. Not only is it efficient but also very silent. The air filter removes almost all the pollutants from the indoor air by using a five-stage process: Pre-Filter, Cold Catalyst, Activated Carbon, Antibacterial, and HEPA Technology. This air purifier has safety controls like Sleep mode, Manual Timer Setting, Automatic Filter Replacement Reminder, and an Odour Sensor that helps you to efficiently control and operate the air purifier. You can actually see the air getting purified by color indications. The color changes from red and orange to green as the air gets purified. Go for this air purifier if you need clean, fresh, and purified air!

Air purifier for homes & offices
An air purifier with advanced Japanese technology. This air purifier undergoes strict quality control to ensure you get the cleanest purified air. This air purifier has superior purifying efficiency as it can clean and purify the air four times in one hour in a room of 200 square feet space. It is suitable for all 365 days of operation and can work a full day without any interruptions which makes it perfect for commercial use. It removes odor almost as fast as in 15 minutes. With its silent mode, you can sleep peacefully as the air gets purified the whole night. No need to worry about pet hair as this air purifier cleans 99.8% of allergens. This air purifier is the perfect solution if you are looking for safety and efficiency.

Get real time air quality indication
This air purifier comes with a unique infrared sensor to detect the pollution levels inside your home. This makes monitoring your indoor air quality very handy. With its 360 degrees of air suction, this air purifier effortlessly covers 452 sq ft of area. It has a vertical tower design that will pump out clean air out of every corner of the room. The advanced dual filtration technology filters almost all airborne pollutants. From pet danders and mold pores to bacterias and viruses this air purifier filters everything. You can even change the filter easily in under 10 seconds. Get this air purifier if you are looking for purifying large spaces.

Covers area effectively
This air purifier powerfully projects and circulates purified air throughout the room with Air Multiplier™ technology. With a modern sleek design, the vacuum-sealed glass HEPA filter removes indoor air pollutants. Its unique activated carbon technology captures household odors and potentially harmful toxins. You can get an air quality report by simply going on the link app. The app even notifies you when the filter needs replacement. The oscillation feature helps circulate purified air throughout the room. If you want to control air quality remotely with the touch of your smartphone, this air purifier is for you.

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