Top 55-inch Ultra HD televisions

FP Studio August 26, 2020 22:18:08 IST
Top 55-inch Ultra HD televisions

Wider palette of colours
This television has a 4K HDR display which provides life-like details. This is a TV that gives you the finest clarity. Its triluminos display maps a wider palette than most other TVs, reproducing every shade and hue. The TV has 3 HDMI ports to connect your set-top box, your Blu-ray player, etc and also has 3 USB ports. It has other smart TV features where you can access YouTube with just one click. The smart plug and play helps you easily connect and view photos, music as well as videos from mobile phone or USB device. Buy this Ultra HD TV for its best in class picture quality.

Access to global content
You can enjoy the finest details with the brightest whites and the darkest blacks for a perfect contrast and depth due to this device’s technology. It is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat OS for a fast performance. You can get access to the latest global content with thousands of hours of trending movies, TV shows, documentaries, music, videos and apps specially selected for you with an in-built content discovery engine. There is also a lifetime free subscription to the Movie Box app – unlimited & multilingual library of movies, short films and documentaries across genres. Need an Ultra HD TV at a value for money deal? Go for this one.

Avoids volume fluctuations
It has inbuilt Alexa and Prime Video features. Just press the voice button on the remote and say the name of the title you want to watch. With easy to use parental controls and a dedicated kids page, enjoy secure, ad-free kids entertainment. The TV has a micro dimming feature which analyses the video content in 1080 separate zones and then adjusts the brightness and darkness separately. The smart volume automatically adjusts programming volume thus eliminating sudden sound fluctuations typically experienced when switching channels or during commercials.
Go for this product if you are looking for a multi-dimensional TV.

Enhances decor of your living room
The sleek look of this TV enhances the décor of your living room. When not in use you can go for the ambient mode which transforms a boring black screen into a meaningful lifestyle canvas. It produces one billion shades of colour through the quantum dot technology that makes everything look just brilliant. It has a 4K quantum processor which improves performance, optimizing viewing conditions and content in real time. It also uses AI-powered machine learning to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and even sharpen edges around objects and text. For work, you can readily convert the TV into your personal computer. For music, it turns your TV into a virtual music system that appears in 3 different colour tones. This is the ultimate TV for anyone who appreciates top performance and functions.

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