Top 5 star inverter air conditioners you should consider buying today

FP Studio May 26, 2020 00:00:45 IST
Top 5 star inverter air conditioners you should consider buying today

Say hello to cool air

LG's superior DUALCOOL Inverter technology efficiently cools even when the temperature outside gets to a sweltering 52˚C. In fact, its five-star energy rating means you will save enough energy even if you switch on your AC in the rainy season to keep out the humidity. Maintenance is easy and tech enthusiasts will love the fact this AC allows convenient checks and troubleshooting directly through the LG Smart ThinQ App on your smartphone. Besides who can’t appreciate stabilizer free operation and an AC that tells you when your refrigerant levels need a top up. This one got our vote for putting the future of cooling technology right in your hands.

An AC that cools and purifies at the same time

Make any room in your house more welcoming with this Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star air conditioner. Its active dehumidifier, steady temperature control and multi-stage filtration technology make it the choice when battling soaring Indian summer temperatures. Its optimised energy savings won't let you run up monstrous bills while advanced air purification even removes harmful odours making it great if you have a little one around. Enjoy a sense of calm and comfort as you say goodbye to annoying hot and cold spots across a room. The 4 way louvers allow uniform distribution of cool air making it easy to cool even a 150 sq. ft room in under 10 mins.

Cooling on a budget

Beating out many of the other top contenders in this category, this Daikin 1.5 air-conditioner is one of the most efficient ways to cool your room, house or office. The combination of copper condenser coil and R32 refrigerant gas make it both eco-friendly and money saving. We were impressed with its power-saving mode and the stabiliser free running even after long term use. We loved that unlike a number of gaudy designs on the market, the build quality and design of this one is clean and sophisticated enough to fit seamlessly into any space. Quiet enough to not wake mom or baby, this is one ac that checks all the right boxes.

Best buy to wave the summer heat goodbye

Equipped with Dual cool inverter technology, built in PM2.5 anti-dust filters and a cooling mode that cools 35% faster, this split AC from Japanese brand Sanyo has enough to cover all your cooling needs. For those of us who live in areas where load shedding and power cuts happen with alarming regularity, the auto restart feature is fantastic. Forget about resetting the temperature when the power supply as this AC simply picks up from where it left off. Our experts enjoyed many nights of sound sleep with this AC that takes the guesswork out of temperature control. Through the night it auto-adjusts to give you the most constant cooling to keep you comfortable.

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