Toothpastes that will make your teeth stronger and whiter

FP Studio June 14, 2020 13:32:41 IST
Toothpastes that will make your teeth stronger and whiter

This herbal toothpaste is all that you need

Teeth usually turn yellow if we do not brush regularly and go for low-quality toothpaste that just smells good. This toothpaste is based on plant enzyme technology that gently removes surface stains from your teeth. It contains papain and bromelain, enzymes present in papaya and pineapple, which safely whiten teeth.

Make this one your choice as it has cinnamon, clove with menthol, and has anti-microbial property that helps fight odor-causing bacteria. Miswak and clove provide all-day protection from germs.

For a long-lasting fresh breath

Brushing your teeth with good quality toothpaste such as Pepsodent can help make your teeth strong and white. The germ check formula in this toothpaste helps fight cavity-causing germs even 12 hours after brushing.

Formulated with fluoride and natural activated clay formula, the toothpaste ensures that you have a long-lasting fresh breath. It reduces stains and food remains, giving you plaque-free and germ-free teeth.

If you do not want germs to breed in your mouth, you should start brushing your teeth with this toothpaste from today.

If you want stronger teeth, then try this toothpaste

If you are looking for complete dental care, opt for Colgate. Known for keeping your teeth strong and providing good breath, this toothpaste also fights with germs and works great for those with sensitive teeth.
It contains Amino shakti which is a unique formula containing Arginine with an insoluble source of calcium and fluoride.

Get flawless teeth without cavity by regularly brushing with this toothpaste as it has an anti-cavity formula.

Brush with this paste if you have sensitive teeth

The product provides holistic Ayurveda oral care and carries a unique blend of traditional Indian medicine along with modern pharmaceutical advancements. It contains clove oil which helps in fighting germs and is useful in gingivitis.

The Pudina Satva in the toothpaste helps prevent bad breath and toothache. It also has ginger which prevents toothache and contains properties to stay away from dental diseases.

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