Tone and refresh your face with rosewater

FP Studio February 20, 2021 15:41:03 IST
Tone and refresh your face with rosewater

The ultimate beauty tonic

This premium rose water from the house of Dabur is something we all use daily. Versatile and 100% pure, it works as a refreshing toner effective on all skin types. With no added preservatives, you can be sure your skin is cleansed, refreshed, and cooled naturally. We loved putting it into a spritzer and spraying on freshly washed skin for the best results. If you're looking for a paraben and alcohol-free rose water option, this one should be your first pick.

Premium rose water for daily use

Given the dirt and pollution, heat and dust our skin is attacked by all through the day, this premium, organic rose water might be the perfect fix. Perfect for toning the face, neck, delicate eye area, and balancing PH, this botanical astringent and toner make sure even acne and spot-prone skin is treated gently and effectively. Organic and pure, this one ingredient product is the best way to ensure you keep your skin free from alcohol, glycerin, synthetic fragrances, and parabens. Men and women can add this fantastic toner to their daily routine, stress-free.

A lightweight and versatile toner

Refresh your skin with the pure scent of organic roses dispensed through a convenient, easy-to-use spray cap. Made without Witch Hazel that can cause rashes, this toner is great for normal, oily, dry, and sensitive skin types. This makes it perfect for teenagers who struggle to achieve a balanced and smooth, even skin tone. Pure and organic, if you're looking for organic rose flower water minus the chemicals, preservatives, and artificial fragrances, pick this one today.

Get the efficacy of Ayurveda

Made from the roses of Kannauj - a region in North India, rich in white soil conductive to roses' growth, this rose water is made strictly from steam distillation. This means you get a clear, light, and cooling sensation with every use. The daily application leaves skin revived and hydrated without any residual stickiness or greasy feeling. We found a marked difference from adding this to our daily regime. If you're looking for tighter pores and smoother and less inflamed skin, pick this one without a doubt.

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