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Swing For Glory

Modern squash racquets have come a long way, in terms of build and ease of use. No product better epitomizes this advancement like the HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0 squash racquet. Made with nano-titanium technology, it’s as tough as they come. But not at the expense of easy handlings, as its airy 195 gram weight would attest. With a grip size of 4, no matter what your level of game proficiency is, the HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0 provides the assurance required for aggressive, winning stroke play. Wherever you may be on the court, its 485 sq cm head will make sure you always make the perfect contact with the ball.

All Action Star

Enjoy an action-packed game with the Cosco LST 125 Aluminium Squash Racquet. The use of aluminium in the construction of the racquet makes it lightweight and guarantees long lasting durability. The handle gives players a strong and solid grip of the racquet, preventing slippage as you rush to make those quick returns. Made using high quality materials, this sturdy racquet provides great accuracy and better control. The LST-125 squash racquet is perfectly designed to meet the playing style and needs of squash players of all types.

The Winning Shot

If you are a beginner in the fashionable world of squash and wish to hone your gaming skills, the Nivia Attack Ti Squash racquet is your weapon of choice. Great for beginners to learn the game and work their way up the skill level, the Nivia Attack Ti Squash racquet has more to it than meets the eye. Beyond its general good looks, comes extreme durability. This squash racquet has a synthetic gut, which gives your shots power and accuracy. Weighing about 260 grams, it’s a light-weight racquet that’s a breeze to handle, even for amateurs.

Raise Your Game

Dunlop has long been one of the leading brands when it comes to sports equipment. And they have stayed true to those high standards, with the Dunlop SR Apex Infinity 3.0HL D1SR773288 Carbon Fiber Squash Racquet. Weighing in at 115 grams, it immediately blows away the competition by being one of the lightest racquets out there. Not just comfortable to use, these racquets are also extremely effective on the court. The huge 500 sq cm racquet head is designed to help you make even impossible shots. And when you connect, the Dunlop SR Apex Infinity Carbon Fiber Squash Racquet will make sure your shots pack a lot of punch.

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