These trendy wall shelves will make your home look good

FP Studio August 21, 2020 23:58:27 IST
These trendy wall shelves will make your home look good

Can be arranged in the way you like it

Here is a perfect shelf to match your wooden furniture at home. Decostyle Urus Floating Wall Shelf gives you the liberty to choose the way you want to arrange it on your wall. It is very adaptable and can be used in your kitchen to stock storage units, or in your bedroom to hold your books or in your living room to add to the decor.It is made of particle board, a high grade engineering wood and is available in multiple colours. It is an efficient space saver and helps clear the clutter around the house.

Shelf boards are uniform in their constitution

This set of four wall shelves will look brilliant in any house that has plain walls. It has four different display units that can be arranged in any way you desire. Fabulo Room Décor Wall Shelf will help you keep books, keys, photos or other small items organized. It is primarily made of wood and is very easy to install as it comes with the necessary hardware to install and secure it to the wall. The boards are denser and uniform in their structure as compared to plywood and general wood. This is perfect for families with multiple small decor items.

Perfect piece of modern or natural home décor

This wall shelf will look great in someone’s ‘Boho’ themed house. This is quite different from other wall shelves, in the sense this consists of only one large sized shelf. Vah Wood Wall Floating Shelf can be used as a hanging display, featuring a white coloured wooden plank and cotton ropes attached to it. These have a unique and rustic charm and are a perfect piece for modern or natural home décor. They are easy to attach and don’t cost you a fortune. It’s a good buy for families on a budget.

It takes up less actual space

This corner wall shelf comes in a set of two and is made of good quality wood which has been coated with a special MDF giving it a smooth and contemporary look. It is user friendly and you can wipe it with a damp cloth to retain its sheen, keeping it clean and presentable. Home Sparkle Wooden Corner Shelf is unique and spacious and adds warmth to any traditional or modern interior. Decorative items or your favourite novels will look great in this triangular shaped shelf. Great for compact homes

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