These top sanitizer sprays will keep room spick and span

pallavi pahwa July 14, 2020 23:01:06 IST
These top sanitizer sprays will keep room spick and span

For a healthier life
This one comes in a very easy to spray bottle. Just press the nozzle and coat any surface with the disinfectant and reduce the presence of bacteria. Available in a 550 ml bottle, this sanitizer spray can be used to clean gadgets, doors, parcels among other things. All one has to do is to spray it on the desired area, wait for 10 seconds and wipe the surface off with a clean cloth or even allow it to dry naturally. The sanitizer spray can be a great way to stay healthy and is the perfect product to be used at home to keep your family safe.

Multi-purpose disinfectant
This multi-purpose product is meant for all kinds of surfaces. It is made of alcohol that decontaminates objects providing and provides a complete cleaning solution. Also, you will not have to cover your noses after spraying the disinfectant as it imparts a beautiful and fresh fruit fragrance once you wipe a surface with it. The unique formula made of alcohol and other sanitizing agents is capable of killing most disease-causing germs and bacteria. Are you tired of sanitising sprays that smell like chemicals? Then the fresh fragrance of this product will certainly soothe your nerves.

Perfect way to clean the air
This sanitizer is the perfect weapon for the fight against germs and is a product from one of the most respected brands. Coming from an immensely popular brand in India, this sanitizer is the perfect antidote to fight airborne germs. At a time when the quality of the air around us is forever declining, this sanitizer will keep you free from germs and will help families live in a healthy environment indoors. It provides you with dual benefits of sanitization and pleasant fragrance. It can be easily used in the living room, kids’ rooms and even in the bedroom.
Buy this sanitizer for an overall shield against germs and bacteria. It kills 99% germs and is effective against bacteria such as E.coli, S.aureus and Salmonella typhi.

Ensure your safety
The product is available in a pack of 3. It comes with the promise that once used, it takes less time to be effective when compared with a normal hand wash. It significantly reduces bacterial count on hands. This sanitizer spray can also be applied in all kinds of surfaces, be it in home or in an office. It is effective against both germs and bacteria. The product is useful in eliminating bad odours too with its sweet smell. If you are looking for a value for money sanitizer spray, this pack of three is what will satisfy your requirements.

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