These pots make for great cooking

FP Studio August 24, 2020 23:10:00 IST
These pots make for great cooking

Best for cooking stews

This cooking pot is made from pure aluminum making it thick and durable. The hard anodizing makes it non-toxic, non-reactive, and hygienic to cook. It has a heavy base that heats up quickly and retains heat evenly. The high quality long-lasting nonstick coating allows cooking with less oil and easy cleaning. It comes with a see-through glass lid that has a stay-cool knob with a finger guard to save you from heat burns. Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Stewpot with Glass Lid has a capacity of 3 liters and is perfect for everyday cooking especially for stews owing to its height. It’s a great buy for families that like thick gravies.

5 layers of nonstick coating

If you are looking for a perfect vessel to cook various sauces to enhance your dishes, Wonderchef Granite Sauce Pan is the one for you. It has 5 layers of heavy metals and PFOA free non-stick coating facilitating you to cook sauces without it sticking to edges and with less oil. It is made from pure aluminum to ensure the non-stick coating stays intact to the vessel. Its thick base and rim make it strong and long-lasting. The soft-touch handles are anti-slip and ensures your safety. It comes with a see-through glass lid and has an induction friendly base. This is a great buy for single people. Easy to use and easy to clean. This is a perfect buy for everyday use.

With board and flat base

This pot is specially manufactured for biryani lovers to help them cook their favorite styled biryani with any hassles. It is made from aluminum with spiral bottoms that facilitate even distribution of heat and promote quicker cooking. It comes with a see-through shatter-resistant tempered glass lid with a steam vent and heat resistant handle that stays cool to allow you convenience and ease while cooking and lifting the pot. The bakelite handles are strong and give a secure grip without heating up. The pot acquires minimal space in your kitchen making it easy to store. Cello Prima Non-Stick Biryani Pot has a capacity of 5.5 liters and is compatible with a gas stove. Rice lovers, this is a must-buy for you.

Deep burned clay pot

These are deep burned clay pots made using traditional pottery techniques which makes them durable and strong to withstand any temperature. It allows the heat and moisture to circulate evenly helping in cooking vegetables and meat evenly while retaining their moisture content making your food juicer, tender and fresher. These pots are hand made and come in a set of three of 1 liter, 2 liters and 3 liters with a curved base. Craftsman India online Pottery Earthen Kadai/Clay Pots becomes a buy product because of the health benefits that they provide such as it provides essential minerals like calcium, iron, sulfur, etc that benefits our body and neutralizing pH of the food to help you with acidity. This is perfect for families who like an authentic twist to their cooking.

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