These humidifiers keep you comfortable indoors

FP Studio September 16, 2020 22:11:10 IST
These humidifiers keep you comfortable indoors

Easily covers a large area

This humidifier comes with a very simple and easy operation, all you have to do is touch it once and voila! It turns on and if you wish to change the LED light just repeat the same process. It has a modern and simplistic design that will match any decor. It keeps your skin refreshed, healthy and moist and helps with dry skin, poor sleep, and unpleasant breathing. Wazdorf Magic Wooden Cool Mist Humidifier effectively works in large spaces making it perfect for offices, steadily spraying the mist ensuring your desk doesn’t get wet. It doesn’t need a battery and works with a USB cable.

Clears air with anion function

This humidifier is non-toxic, odor free, corrosion-resistant and durable. It is powered by anion function that combats the negative ions from atmospheric pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, cigarette smoke, oxygen free radical, etc and clears air after neutralization of the positive electric air. RYLAN Magic Diamond Cool Mist Humidifier function in whisper-quiet noise thus ensuring your sleep is not disturbed. It is best for the places where small babies are present. The humidifier has 7 different coloured LED lights that amplify a soothing atmosphere. This is perfect for people who live in polluted areas.

Classic wood grain finish

This humidifier has a unique vas shape that works as a decor for your room along with the natural wood grain look giving it a zen-style outlook. It has a capacity of 400ml of water and can run up to 12 hours of continuous output. Rene-Maurice Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier is perfect for your bedroom. It has a technology that allows it to operate in a very quiet manner thus won’t disturb your sleep and gets automatically shut down if it starts running low on water content. It has 7 changeable LED lights with each of them having two options - dim and bright. This humidifier looks so good, it can be used as a prop around your home. This is great for people who want style with utility.

Mini design perfect for car

Eliminate unfavorable odours and increase the humidity of your car’s atmosphere reducing the dust and bacteria with help of this humidifier. It is mini in design and very light in weight thus easily fits into your car. It has 180° rotation that gives full humidification. It has a capacity of 50ml for the water tank and works on the USB cable. SEAHAVEN Air humidifier has an automatic shut off function after 2 hours that prevent the potential harm caused to the humidifier when the water supply runs low. This is great for rooms where senior citizens reside.

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