These ergonomic tables are great for your spine

FP Studio September 25, 2020 04:42:14 IST
These ergonomic tables are great for your spine

Multipurpose desk

You don’t have to sit uncomfortably while working because Storite has brought an absolutely perfect foldable desk. The Storite Multipurpose Laptop Foldable Desk is a multipurpose desk with an ergonomic design, made of high quality French wood table top and strong aluminium stand. The product is wide enough for a laptop but it can also be used as a study table, reading desk, breakfast table, etc. Additionally, the table is lightweight and portable so you can take it anywhere as a laptop holder. Also, it is safe because it has round edges and a double lock system which ensures nothing falls from it. Perfect if you have a young child at home.

Long lasting table

The Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table can be called as multipurpose in the true sense. It can be used as a
TV dinner tray, serving tables for kids and patients, office desk, study desk, etc. This foldable table is made of powder coated metal tubes and high quality engineered wood top-board, making it very sturdy and durable. It features non-slip legs, a cup holder, a drawer and a tablet holder which is not found in most of the foldable laptop tables. The best part is that it looks very stylish, sleek and doesn’t take a lot of space. Perfect for those who want to add style to their homes.

Safe for clumsy people

Tormetti Multipurpose Foldable Tables can be used by five-year-olds to eighty-year-olds. It has a very sturdy structure with powder coated metal tubes, and three layer wooden table top, the top most layer is made of an anti-slip material and the bottom layer is made of a water proof material. This makes the product very durable and it has a good compression resistance. The table is available in three attractive colours, brown, black and pink. Other features include an anti-skid rubber bottom that prevents the table from slipping or moving, a tablet holder for your tablet or mobile and a cup holder.

Senior citizen friendly

A lot of people in a family use tables. We often make the mistake of assuming that laptop tables are only used to work or study. However, it can also be used to watch shows and movies or simply to listen to music. The DDS Dream Decor Shoppee Portable Multipurpose Laptop Table is a perfect addition to your home. It is extremely stable and has non-slip legs to avoid any spillage. For everyone who refuses to leave their bed at any cost, you can use this table to eat, work, study, play, write and read. It is made of a sturdy structure and it fits anywhere comfortably because of its foldable nature. The table can also be a perfect gift for someone you care about.

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