These best portable sanitizer machines are what you need

FP Studio July 14, 2020 23:50:35 IST
These best portable sanitizer machines are what you need

Equipped with a portable charger
The sanitizer machine has a capacity of 30 ml and can be used to sanitize mobiles, keys, car, wallets, remotes, watches and even laptops. During this scorching heat, this device helps produce an ultra-fine and nano-cold fog which will help you soothe the sunburnt areas. It keeps your skin hydrated. The facial steamer can be used as a portable charger for your cell phone for more than an hour. This is the right sanitizer machine, if you are looking for an all-in-one device. It is much more than just an average sanitizer.

This product is easy to handle
It is designed as a mini size sanitizer and is extremely easy to handle. If you love travelling, this is a great companion to have as it fits in perfectly in your pocket. This automatic sprayer makes it easy to sanitize objects of daily use. One has to just rotate counter-clockwise to open the sanitizer filling tank and then fill the water tank with 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Once done, turn it clockwise and then proceed to click on the power button to spray the sanitiser to disinfect things around. This product is available with a portable USB cable and is meant for those who have to travel frequently.

Works on a rechargeable battery
This Nano-Mist device will come in handy when you want to sanitise your mobile phone, documents, keys or any other portable articles. It is small and fits in nicely in your pocket. It works on a rechargeable battery and there is a 150 mAh charger available with the sanitizer machine. It has other uses too. After a tiring day, you can fill it up with water and rehydrate your skin. It is a handy device for those who want to buy a hand sanitizer machine which is portable and lightweight and also offers multiple functions.

Ideal for all conditions
The sanitizer machine can be easily refilled with alcohol-based sanitizer and used in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, etc. The capacity of this machine is about 30ml and the user should make sure it is fully charged before it is put to use. One just needs to double click on the power button to sanitize the equipment around. If you are looking for a hassle-free sanitizer machine at an affordable price, your search should end with this product.

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