The top quality air coolers for your convenience

FP Studio June 25, 2020 00:00:22 IST
The top quality air coolers for your convenience

Suitable for all locations and climate

Much more effective than ceiling fans and a lot cheaper than air conditioners, air coolers are the perfect go-to option for steering through the extremely hot summers. This cooler comes with a capacity of 36 liters and is optimal for usage in any given location or climate. It has honeycomb cooling media and three sliding cooling pads for wide area coverage. The pads can be easily detached and cleaned.

The one thing about coolers that people complain of is that they are heavy and can’t be easily moved around. That’s certainly not the case here, this cooler can be easily moved from one place to another by using the castor wheels attached to the feet of the device. Now forget heat and sweat as this cooler works well even with an inverter. This superior product will make it certain that you enjoy a cool breeze without any trouble.

Performance and superior design

The cooler is capable of providing an equal and fair share of cool air to a room of up to 110 cubic meter dimensions. It comes with a capacity of 70 litres. The highly effective honeycomb media and cooling pads make sure that you do not have to withstand harsh hot winds any longer. It is a highly durable product, owing to its powerful pump. The high-class cooler has a control panel that has easy to use dial knobs for greater control on the device.

Ideal for personal use

This cooler has three air delivery speeds along with a 4-way air deflection mechanism. The cooling media used by this device is a wood wool evaporative pad. The small product is ideal for a room with an area of 20 square metres or less. You do not have to think about setting up the machine as it is easy to install. The cooler provides uniform cool air to all corners of the room efficiently within minutes of turning on.

Sleep soundly with the low noise cooling technology

The super-stylish cooler ensures that you sleep in the nights cool and uninterrupted. The machine generates very less sound with its unique fan design. The device has a capacity of 55 liters and a strong air delivery system. Now effortlessly control the speed and deflection of air through an easy to use remote control device. This device can efficiently cool wide and large areas seamlessly. The product also comes with fully collapsible louvers that prevent the entry of dust, dirt, and insects inside the air cooler.

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