The best waxing products that you can use in the comfort of your home

FP Studio June 19, 2020 13:14:34 IST
The best waxing products that you can use in the comfort of your home

Waxing was never this delicious before

We love this natural body wax that is formulated with cocoa powder. With an easy to melt wax product that lets you evenly spread it over your skin, this wax then sticks to the hair follicles and makes for a painless experience when you need to pull off the strips. The mess free wax also picks up dirt and impurities from your skin, leaving you with a brighter more polished feel. This natural body wax is safe to be used on all skin types to remove hair from your arms, under arms and legs. You’ll also get a set of 30 waxing strips with this product; so go ahead and remove unwanted body hair at home.

Anytime, anywhere easy and mess free waxing

These ready to use wax strips are the best time savers while being so user friendly. No worries about heating up the wax on the stove, no mess while applying wax and absolutely no burns. These pre coated wax strips are strong enough to remove even the shortest of hairs. Enriched with shea butter these strips instantly exfoliate your skin, without leaving it feeling too sticky and can be used for arms, under arms, legs even up to your bikini line. Each box contains 20 strips and 5 perfect finish wipes that give you up to 28 days of hair removal with salon-like finish.

Best natural wax for sensitive areas

This wax formulated with Avocado butter is an easy and convenient treatment for hair removal on delicate areas like your face and bikini area. This liposoluble wax is specifically designed to be used on your sensitive skin, made with 98% natural ingredients, this formulation eliminates the need for wax strips making it more comfortable for use on uneven skin surfaces and body angles. It is also less painful as it allows for a thinner application on skin. This high performance wax containing the goodness of avocado butter also dries much more quickly as compared to other wax products making for a convenient wax treatment.

Try this wax for a smoother hair removal

We’re all aware of the natural benefits of Aloe Vera when it comes to skin care, this product has a definite advantage when it comes to being a natural wax. The bountiful benefits of Aloe Vera lend itself to this wax, as each use uncovers your skin's natural glow, prevents skin from reddening and even works to retard the growth of hair. Suitable for all skin types, this specially formulated body wax is less painful and doesn’t leave a residue on skin after use. This aloe vera hair removal wax will give you noticeably smoother and softer skin fast.

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