The best toys to make your kids learn

FP Studio June 10, 2020 10:17:53 IST
The best toys to make your kids learn

A fun and visually stimulating toy that kids will adore

Engage your child’s curiosity and stimulate their imagination with this adorable dancing dog. Not only can this little puppy dance and move its limbs, but the toy also has in-built music with a lot of colorful lights that flash. Designed with a rotating wheel that enables it to move around freely and even change direction when it comes up against a barrier. From learning color identification, hand-eye coordination, and tracking; this toy is the best option to develop and stimulate your child’s vision. Made with nontoxic and 100% safe material, your kid will truly be entertained for hours on end. A perfect playtime playmate that kids all over will adore.

Letting your kids build their way to fun

One of the best educational playtime toys for tiny tots, building blocks helps your kids develop multiple skills. These skills range from hand-eye coordination, simple math, awareness of colors, shapes, and structure; to developing fine motor control, pushing their creativity, and even helping them to learn to focus. Kids learn best when they can touch things and these multi-color building blocks help kids to think logically, increase their spatial awareness, and aids in their visual perception. Designed with non-toxic materials, these blocks are smooth and devoid of harmful sharp edges that keep your kids safe while they explore their imaginations and creativity.

Learning while playing

This activity chain is a great basic toy that encourages young children to develop fine motor skills, strengthen hand-eye coordination, stimulate the senses, encourages counting, and helps with learning to identify shapes and colors. With no harmful sharp edges, babies can safely grasp the toys and fit them into different patterns which help in developing creativity. The lightweight nature also makes it easier to be picked up and held, serving to fine-tune your kid's gripping ability. With the numerous options in making patterns, young kids will be entertained for hours with this fun and colorful toy.

Let kids cuddle up for comfort and develop social skills

We’ve saved the cutest for last. Kids all over and of all ages adore stuffed teddy bears. But apart from just being sweet and cuddly, these toys provide a lot of emotional benefits. The most important function is to provide comfort and soothe kids when they’re stressed and anxious. These toys also help the kids feel assured. Kids began to self soothe and it even helps in building their social skills by encouraging imaginative play and interactions. The benefits of a cuddly teddy bear are invaluable and with a giant-sized one (2 feet) your kid is sure to jump in joy at the sight of it.

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