The best plastic container sets for your kitchen use

FP Studio June 12, 2020 01:50:49 IST
The best plastic container sets for your kitchen use

A much-needed kitchen assortment

These 18 containers are made of PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate so rest assured these sturdy jars would not carry odour of any kind. The canisters are made up of 100 percent food grade material. This tight lid system also means that every food item will retain its moisture without getting soggy or foul. The taste and nutritive value of the food remain intact and so does the flavor. You can easily stack pulses, rice and other long use food items as the jars have swift and easy to operate lids. They are see through, so you won’t have to make guesses about what’s inside them.

Microwave safe containers

These are super easy to clean and maintain as they require almost zero maintenance. Now store items in these reliable containers or use them as a microwave and refrigerator container. Make sure to change the lid before you introduce the jars into a freezer or oven. The transparent body makes it easier to detect the contents without having to open and check. The different sized jars will help store items in large or small quantities. The 20 piece assortment has containers in varied six sizes. The top quality material makes it highly durable.

Give your kitchen classy look with the stackable jars

The silver-coloured stainless steel lids of this jar set add a super sober look to the collection. Decorate your space with these 20 jars that come in 4 different sizes. These will consume less space as you can stack the smaller jar on top of the bigger ones. The containers have been made from high-quality PET, Grade 1 food grade plastic and are 100 per cent Bisphenol A (BPA) proof. Easy to open with large storage space will make your cooking experience enjoyable.

Keep your food non-stick for long durations

The stackable easy to store containers come in a set of 18 jars in one pack. This will help you to design your kitchen with containers of the same colour and consistency. Each jar body has a unique design on it adding to the style factor of your kitchen. The lids fit extremely well thereby making it leak proof and BPA free. Be it dry fruits or the spices that give flavour to your food, storing them is now as easy as it gets with these containers.

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