The best induction cooktops you can buy for your kitchen

FP Studio June 12, 2020 01:56:14 IST
The best induction cooktops you can buy for your kitchen

Embrace ease in cooking with feather touch buttons

Now cook everything your heart desires quickly and with ease. This induction top comes with concealed and feather touch buttons that gives it a polished look and makes handling it super convenient. It also has a unique design to provide protection against insect infestation. The full glass material comes with an anti-magnetic wall and an Indian menu option to prepare the curries to perfection. You do not have to worry about any problem in the cooktop due to voltage change as this product has an automatic voltage regulator to safeguard itself. At an operating voltage of 230 volts, the induction works at 1900 watts power thus saving electricity.

Get quick and efficient heating

Days of worrying about heating any food item are gone. On this induction top, heat food within no time without having to waste gas. Set a timer and change the settings for cooking rice, soup, idli or curry. This induction can also serve as a pressure cooker and is quite efficient in deep frying food and heating milk.
The surface is elegant with a flat, clean top made out of unpolished glass. If style and productivity are in your bucket list, this is the product.

Cook almost anything with this durable cooktop

The ceramic make and plate cans at the top means that this one is extremely suitable for withstanding high temperatures. The cooktop comes with 7 segments LED display that works seamlessly for a wide level of power and temperature. The high-grade electrical mechanism makes it short circuit proof. With a power input of 220 volts, it uses best class energy-saving technology. It has a long cord of 1.3 m length to work anywhere you want. Cook efficiently without having to attend to the dish all the time. The smart timer allows for hands-free cooking.

Cook food safely with the auto off program

You do not have to worry about leaving the appliance on in a hurry. The cooktop automatically shuts down if a mode button is not pressed within one minute of turning the device on, thus saving electricity. Any cookware with an induction friendly bottom can be used. It is perfect for any kind of Indian dish, as you can stir fry, slow cook, pressure cook, prepare a gravy or make a roti or dosa easily with the help of this cooktop.

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