The best hand gloves to help you stay safe

FP Studio June 12, 2020 01:52:45 IST
The best hand gloves to help you stay safe

When safety is all that matters

Simple things like buying fruits and vegetables, cleaning kitchen slabs and other daily chores may bring us in contact with germs. When we are commuting in public transport, we touch handrails, handles, door knobs etc. which brings with it the risk of bacteria and viruses which are not visible to our eyes. To be safe and keep ourselves protected from diseases, we should cover our hands by putting on gloves. These transparent plastic gloves can be used for any kind of activities. They are soft, economical, clean and lint-free. They can be disposed of after a single use. Easy to wear, easy to dispose. Worth the money!

Perfect for everyday use

The pair allows efficient cleaning as it lets you get rid of the sponge. You can simply put on the magic silicone gloves, rinse with water, apply soap and scrub and clean with your hands. These FDA-approved gloves have antimicrobial properties and work extremely well to scrub and clean the dirt away from cutlery, carpets, floors, sinks, shower tubs, toilets, tables and cabinets. We say get it and get cleaning with ease!

Let your hands not lose their sheen

This highly stretchable kitchen pair of gloves fit snugly on the hand and sit tight while you work. The gloves have an anti-slip pattern for better grip and are puncture resistance. They are made up of natural latex that combines strength and flexibility. They work great and will be of much help in all your house chores with ease, without you even realising you have them on. So get them for the great fit and texture!

The gloves to hold on to those hot dishes

Would it not be good to have a multipurpose glove? You could use them to clean the microwave and take out hot dishes from it or from the oven. These gloves have heat resistance of up to 160 degrees Celsius and thus can be used to move hot dishes. They are very durable as they are made of high-quality silicon and will last you for years! if you don’t want to go looking for another pair soon since the old ones are all used out, get this now!

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