The Best Gym Bags For The Gym Freaks

FP Studio March 24, 2020 00:00:57 IST
The Best Gym Bags For The Gym Freaks

Loyar Casual Water Resistant Gym Bag
The Loyar Gym bag is an amazing combination of two words. It is “loya”l to you and goes “r”egularly with you to your gym or elsewhere. The bag is meant to carry your gym wear, towels, shoes etc. It has a capacity to hold this and much more. On top of it all, this bag is water resistant, so that a rainy day is not an excuse for you to skip your gym routine! Available in red color, it adds enthusiasm to your day when you are carrying it around. It has a carry strap that is adjustable to your size for a comfortable fit without strain. It has two side pockets to safely keep your miscellaneous belongings! So, get get your loyal and regular gym partner now!

For the pro yoga lovers or the regular gym goers, please welcome the YogPro gym bag! It has the size of a beast to carry your yoga mat, clothes, shoes etc while you work out. This beast is made from a tough fabric and has its side pockets and two zipped compartments for your wallets, headphones, mobiles etc. It comes in an attractive green color with orange designs to add a distinct characteristic to your personality. You can carry it in your hands or sling it across your back or shoulders with its multiple handles straps. The straps are size adjustable for a comfortable fit. So, get, set, pro and unleash the beast in you!

5 O' CLOCK SPORTS Gym Bag for Men Combo
Any regular gym enthusiast requires a dedicated warm up and accessories in his or her gym bag! It is best if a combo kit comes with your duffle bag to help you with your basic accessories. 5 O' CLOCK SPORTS Gym Bag is just that. The attractive leather look bag comes with two side zipped pockets and adjustable straps. The bag comes with a host of things including a red pair of gloves to enhance your grip when doing exercises. Above it, it gives a skipping rope and fitness grip to get you all warmed up for your routine. To round it up, it has a black shaker bottle to give your daily quote of energy. Grab this and get fitter!

Dafter 18 Inch Travelling Gym Bag with Shoes Pocket (Black)
For all those who want to add a great deal of style or a distinct design to their personality, you should consider the bag by Dafters made of faux leather. It has an adjustable strap for comfort when you sling it on and handles to carry it with you giving a very formal look. It is large enough with a section for your shoes. It has two inner pockets with zippers to organize your belongings. Comes in three attractive design combinations to suit your style. It is durable, light weight and well organized to add that bling when you swing! So go ahead and buy this for more exciting gym sessions.

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